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 “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” I scream, a blue transparent dove flying from my 10 ½ inch Dragon Heartstring, Oak wand. The scary, hooded Dementors flew back into the shadows of which they came. I spin myself around and throw myself down onto the ground, placing my hands under Samantha’s head. Her soft, silky black hair rests on my sweaty hands. Sam is pale, lifeless. She had run on into the clearing that holds the lake. She had been met by a group of dark hooded figures, obviously lying in wait. I give her a small shake, getting panicked. “Come on, Sam, wake up.” I shake her again.
    Two more people enter the clearing. I glance over at them, loud steps alerting me. I beckon them over; Lucy and Liam O’Brien. They’re Twins. Both are pale. They always are, though. But tonight they look paler. But that’s probably not helped by the fact they are staring at their best lying on the ground deathly pale and lifeless. The Twins are blonde, identical. Liam is taller by at least a foot.  I beckon them over again, but still… they don’t come.
 Liam’s blue lined robes start to whip in a new sharp wind that would cut through you. He’s in Ravenclaw. He is an over achiever, way too much for his own good. I heard in his O.W.L’s he passed everything with flying colours. He’s in sixth year, we all are.
    His sister, Lucy’s robes-lined red, she’s in Gryffindor- whip loudly too. She’s brave; I once saw her kicking Mrs Norris - Argus Filch’s cat- and sent her flying halfway across the transfiguration courtyard. She got detention though, off Professor McGonagall. When asked why she did she simply replied, “That cat annoys me, so much. The stupid thing deserved it.”
   I point my wand at them and whisper, “Diffindo.” Just beside where they are standing, the ground spits up dust and dirt. It’s the spell that cuts things, but it works just as well on the ground. They quickly come over.
    “I KNEW YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN TRUSTED NATHANIEL RUPERT.” She screams and pulls her wand, beautifully delicate and intricately made-unicorn hair, 11 inches, I think- and points it at me. “You Slytherin scum!” I raise my wand in defence, “Expelliamus!” My wand flies from my hand and hits the lake, sinking fast. She comes closer and tells me to back away from Samantha. I shake my head.
   “No,” I say loudly. My auburn hair is stuck to my forehead with sweat. I didn’t intend for this to happen. Dementors on the Hogwarts grounds? It’s craziness.
   “Nathan,” Liam says his Irish accent breaches his voice.  Both of them have thick Irish accents, but they put on English ones for some unknown reason. He too pulls his wand, his plain and black. He’s never mentioned what is in it. “Back away,” he says sternly, wand pointed at my throat.
  I obey as I have no choice. A witch and a Wizard both armed against an unarmed Wizard. It’s not fair, and I have no choice; I’d be obliterated. I walk away, towards the lake, my intentions to find my wand. When I reach the lake I look into it. The lake is pure black, the bright moon reflecting on the water. Black against white, I can see my reflection in the white bit. It’s warped but I can see the colour of eyes, dark sea green.  I take out my pocket watch- a gift from my Father the great Marvin Rupert before he died a few years ago, I hold onto it because it’s the only thing I have left of him. I’m parentless. My mother died before the start of this year which made me miss a month of school- and I check the time; midnight. There’s a pale glow in the clearing. The night is eerie. It was a stupid idea, of course. Sneak out of school at night. Sure, why not? I don’t even remember whose idea it was.  The four of us: Samantha, Liam, Lucy and Nathaniel. We were supposed to be coming for a midnight picnic. It turned out to be the picnic from hell.
  Samantha Feathers and the Twins were best friends from year one. Sam is in HufflePuff. I used to hate the tree of them, being so secretive and close. I always had a crush on Sam, ever since year three. I finally got the courage to ask her out in fourth year. We’ve been going out ever since. I glance back at her. She is still unmoving and pale. So pale it scares me. I look back at lake and crouch down, placing my hand over the wand and mutter, “Accio wand.” It’s said magic works over a ten foot range as long as the wand is within that range. It doesn’t come, though. The lake is probably so much deeper.
  I turn and walk back over to where the Twins are so desperately trying to revive Sam. The attempts fail. When I reach them I ask can I have one of their wands. Each shakes their heads, so I kneel and pick up Samantha’s. I don’t know what’s in her core, either. She was always so mysterious about it. I asked her many times but she never answered. Again, it’s plain, just a straight brown wand that curves into a small black ball at the end. “Accio, wand” I yell loudly, pointing my wand at the lake. It springs from the depths of the water, causing it to ripple. I catch it and then carefully place Sam’s wand into a pocket in the inside of my green lined robes. Grasping my robes, I wipe my wand dry as I walk back across the clearing, under the moonlight.
  The Twins glare fiercely at me. Each raises their wands at eye level towards me. “What?” I say, really getting bored.
  “Why did you kill her?” Lucy asks coldly, sending me daggers.
   “What? No! Why would you think that?” I shout back.
   Liam opens his mouth but shoot my wand at his and it flies from his hand into mine, then I repeat the action with Lucy’s before she can react. I place both wands into my pocket. “I didn’t kill her,” I say. The twins make to move so I whip my wand without a spell, scaring them. “There were Dementors. Samantha ran ahead through the forest. She refused to stop, saying she wanted to surprise me with something. She let her wand dim. She also made me dim mine, and told me to not to run after her. She said to walk. So I did. Then I heard screams. I ran and the minute I got here, I saw them sucking on her face. I sent them flying back into the trees on the other side of the clearing. Why would I kill her? I love her!” I finish, receiving a slightly warmer look from both the twins.
  “That would explain why you don’t have the picnic basket.” Liam says forgiveness in his voice.
  “Well, I don’t believe you; I mean, c’mon. Dementors in Hogwarts? It’s ridiculous!  McGonagall wouldn’t allow it!” Lucy said, angry again.
 “There’s something’s McGonagall can’t control!” I scream, frustrated.
  “Let me check your wand, then.” Liam says keeping calm.
 I hand him his wand and hold mine out straight, ahead. He points his wand at mine. “Reveal.” He says. My wand moves back and forth and then the spell ‘Expelliamus’ flies from it. A Patronous charm flies from it then, a dove flying vertically upwards, then swooping down again, flying around our heads and disappearing again, fluttering into non-existence.
   “You could just be trying to cover up the fact you killed her.” Lucy said matter-of-factly.
 “No,” I retort, “I wouldn’t go through the trouble. Plus, I’m not that smart.”
  Her face sinks. Lucy opens her mouth to say something but is cut off by a thick rasping sound. We all look at each other, then towards Samantha’s body which is writhing on the ground. She rasps again, like she is trying to take a gulp of air like she was underwater. She writhes around more. I kneel to try and stop her and remember something I read in textbook ages ago in the cold, uncomfortable dungeons of Hogwarts castle, in the depths of the Slytherin common room.
 “Accio, Chocolate!” I scream, pointing my wand to the faint outline of Hogwarts castle in the distance, just above the tree-line. The sandy coloured stones are tinted white in the moonlight. Soon enough, the faint outline of a small block of chocolate comes whizzing into view. I catch it with a yelp of enthusiasm. I’m used to catching things as I am the seeker for the Slytherin Quidditch team.
  I rip the blue wrapping, sporting the vibrant colour of dark blue against turquoise. The wrapper is faded. It was the one that had been on my windowsill last night when the rain came, hard and heavy down drenching the whole grounds. Then the weather picked up today, a blaring hot sky with a roasting sun, splitting the rocks. I remember everyone out and about as today is Saturday. It was amazing. The wrapper is faded and caked hard as I crumple it, it sounds weird. I toss it aside. Soon, Lucy- I gave her wand back, too-  being the control freak she is uses the fire spell Incendio setting it alit for three small seconds until it turned to ash and got taken away by the sharp wind which still hadn’t died down.
  I try to coax Samantha into eating the chocolate, but she is writhing to hard. I point my wand at her and say,” Ptreficous Totalus.” Her body freezes suddenly, her mouth open slightly. I break off two big squares of chocolate and stick them into her mouth. The spell wears off after a minute and she chews on it.
  She stops writhing and takes large gulps of air, sucking on it as if her life depended on it. Well, it kind of did. The colour returned to her face and she sees me, smiles, then reaches up to me and flicks my hair off my fair. Sam reaches up, wraps her arms around my necks and pulls herself up until she is sitting, and kissing me softly then, she kneels and puts her head to the side. Samantha breaks away after two minutes of soft, full on kissing. She looks me In the eye and says softly, hoarsely almost, “Thank you.”
   “Why?” I ask softly.
   “Thank you for saving me.” She replies, then hugs me and whispers it again in my ear. It tingles, but I like it.
Two sounds of awkward coughing come from behind us. I turn and straight away, laugh at the Twins, their eyebrows raised.  I get up, taking Sam by the hands and pull her up too. I peck her on the lips and she giggles. “I love you,” She mumbles. I go pale. It’s the first time one of us has ever said it to each other in the whole two years.
  “What?” I ask softly.
   “I may have been out cold, but I heard what you said. I love you too.” She pecks me on the lips again and nods towards the castle. “We should head back. It’s late.”
  The Twins nod in agreement. I hand Sam her wand and take her hand. Lucy and Liam look at us. “Race you.”    They say competitively.
 I take out Samantha’s wand and hand it to her. She smiles grateful thanks. The twins thrust their wands into the air and say, “Lumos.” Light illuminated from the tip of their wands. They take off into the foliage and we soon hear them; their feet crunching on the dead leaves and twigs on the ground.
  I look at Sam. We both smile happily at each other. I give her hand a reassuring, tight squeeze, which she returns. We shout together, “Lumos!” We take pursuit into the trees, determined to win.

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