Thursday, 19 July 2012

Coming soon:

Ok, I have decided that is going to be my main blog from now on...

Yes, I know. I got my blog made up and all, but this seems just... Easier to put everything together, Y'know?

So, anyway. Coming soon on this wonderful blog there shall be:

The Origin, Chapter 4.
Chasing the Sun, Chapter 2.
A new story called Virus.
Imaginary Fiends. *coughrewrittencough*
The Archon Code. *coughrewrittencough*
Another new story called Saving the World from Darkness.
Another new story called The Elder Game.
Something you haven't read before, Hell's Emotions; the runic chronicles.
The Academy, Another new story.
The assassin diaries of Jasmine Adheeves, another new story.

So, yeah. New stories, fun, eh?

OK, New blog.

So, New blog. Where as you can probably see, there are side links on... the side.

They are all my stories, up to date, all in one place so you can read them all together, I suppose.

Here in the main bit, I'll post updates, statistics and covers (if they're made).


Anyway, if you want to comment and stuff, do so, if not, well... Don't?