Thursday, 19 July 2012

OK, New blog.

So, New blog. Where as you can probably see, there are side links on... the side.

They are all my stories, up to date, all in one place so you can read them all together, I suppose.

Here in the main bit, I'll post updates, statistics and covers (if they're made).


Anyway, if you want to comment and stuff, do so, if not, well... Don't?


  1. Cool! I like it!
    You know, there was this really cool blog background I saw with, like... frequency, I guess you would call it, and statistics!
    This blog just reminded me of it xP

    Oh, and by the way, to add a followers widget, click "design" at the top right, go to "Layout," then click the lovely blue words, "Add a Gadget" wherever it is you would like to put it, scroll down, and you should see it. Then you just click "Add" and "Save" or something like that :P

    1. Oooh, I see you have the "Follow by email" thing. That's similar to the regular followers, but there's another one that we're more used to if you scroll down...
      xD Sorry, just saying...

    2. Oh, and uh... I'm stalking you ~Nods~
      That's how I know about this blog, see.....

    3. WHOO-HOO! First follower! ~boogies~
      Ok, I'll stop leaving so many comments here O_O SORRY!

  2. Hmm...Not sure if I want to comment or not.
    To comment or not to comment? That is the question. *strokes imaginary beard thoughtfully*
    ...I will get back with you on this Flame. *nods*